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September 19, 2010


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A Summer Nightmare

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 19, 2010, 12:15 PM
He passed away July 5, 2010 of natural causes..(Seizures) his sleep....

In reality, the Hospital Staff forced my mother to pull the plug. If she didnt, they would had her declared mentally incompetent because she refused to pull the plug and hadnt slept for 48 hours. The Hospitial needed the room and they had already given up on Dad. She had just arrived at the Hospital and they didnt give her any time with him! But here's the interesting part, my dad woke up having heard my mother's distressful cries and wrote a letter before he passed; it took him 15 minutes to die without the machines helping him. If he woke up once, he could have done it again, but no, they just had mother do the hardest task in the world without a second thought. The bastards, no the murderers!

He was 49, retired Air Force...

1960 - 2010

Please dont say I know how you feel... I've heard it enough.....

PayPal email -
With Paypal, use the 'Gift' Option.

If you're going to add me to MSN Messenager, do us both a favor and PLEASE tell me who you are, Otherwise, I'll assume you're up to no good and WILL block you.

Paypal Stamp by artist4com…;<-- Donation Link.…

I am selling DA prints to raise money. Dad's passing has caused a financial problem for my family. Please help us in our time of need.

I cannot and will not do commissions because of lack of time. All I can do is sell prints and pray to the heavens above something good happens...

If you want too read how it all began, go here:…

Please spread the word about this tradgic event, help to raise Awareness. <3 If you cannot donate money, pints, advice, etc...then please spread awareness. You can still help. <3

Everlasting Smile by MewtwosLittleOne  Masculine Gentleness by MewtwosLittleOne

SO To sum it up!

There's a few ways to help, but the top two are the most important.

:bulletyellow: Spreading awareness about my cause by featuring me in some form or fashion - you may use my dad's photos, just tell me first.

:bulletyellow: Donating via PayPal, using the gift option and/or buying a print or two. Only send and/or buy what you can afford; we all know we're not rich.

:bulletyellow: Donating points so that I may continue having a PM that'll enable me to continue to use the various features to keep spreading awareness about my dad.

:bulletyellow: Kind words, prayer requests, suggestions, ideas, etc.

Thank you in Advance!

And, thats not even the half of it!

Get this! My dad used to recieve checks from the VA because he was both disabled and he Served. Because my dad died early in the month, they want US to pay them back. Because he didnt live the full months, they want their money back. That is over $2,000 USD!!! We have NO INCOME for the time being! My mom cannot work because of her health and because my country's economy is poor, I cannot find a job to help out my mother. =(

My mom is shown here: Happy 25th Anniverssary by MewtwosLittleOne

She has severe COPD and has trouble walking because of a medical issue, both put her out of the running for finding a job. Mom's ability to walk is declining, increasing the chances of her being placed in a wheelchair. There's also a high chance she'll be given a Service Dog for her Asthma  (Yeah, I didnt know dogs could be trained to sense that either) because she sometimes doesnt know when she's going to have an attack. She also has problems seeing, because of cataracts. Recently, she was asked to sign some paperwork and she could not see the print. She thought the paper was blank!!! If she doesnt recieve corrective surgery, I might have a blind mother to take care of.

I'm not doing too well either; I'm probably not going to be able to finish college (because of lack of funds) nor get any job (because of my own medical issues). I have a MILD case of Cerebral Palsy [Brain Damage which affects movement; in my case, it's my hands, stomach, and legs] and Scoliosis [a curved spine]. It hurts to walk or even stand for long periods, my hands cramp up easily like right now it's painful to type, I cant balence without wearing a backpack purse....

Gah, I feel old! >.>

My doctor says my CP is progressing... meaning I might be placed in a wheelchair, that alone would limit my choice of careers! I wanna be a photographer, see the world and the beauty it has to offer. But I cannot do anything if something doesnt happen for the better...

Hell, even the family cat [shown here with my dad: I Shall Get You by MewtwosLittleOne ]  has medical issues!!! She's on a special prescription diet because she's allegic [Yes, I have a cat with food allergies] to the store brands and she's on stool softener. Those two items are expensive and I want to keep my family together as a whole; I would dread having to give her up... I lost mt dad; I dont need to lose her too.....

My family is in need of countless miracles; we're not even sure if we'll be able to keep our house....

PayPal Deviations

I even looked through DA for those who arent familier with the site!!

How to send money using PAYPAL by etuix  Send money via PayPal-EXTENDED by Noiry  .:PayPal Account Tutorial:. by mystelic  Warning- PayPal by Emanaia  Subscribe without CreditCard by JoyceKimberly

For the record, my mother and I are trying to seek aid in real life, the offices are just dragging their heels. >.>

FAQS (More like frequently used statements)


:bulletblue: = Question/Statement
:bulletyellow: = Answer

:bulletblue: In what ways can I help?
:bulletyellow: Refer to the points made above.

:bulletblue: My currency is different from yours, I cant help you.
:bulletyellow: If you REALLY want to, then yes you could donate via paypal. Paypal allows me to convert your currency into mine without any trouble.

:bulletblue: You should seek financial help in real life, not via internet where if you actually really do have money problems, they won't get solved by asking people on an art site for money.
:bulletyellow: I'm doing both. Donating is optional. I do not even mind if a kind word is said. If kind souls wish to help, then it is solely his or her choice alone.

:bulletblue: I'm low on funds myself; I cannot help you.
:bulletyellow: You can if you so choose by featuring me and/or spreading the word about my cause.

:bulletblue: I dont have paypal and/or I'm under 18, therefore I cannot help you.
:bulletyellow: Thats perfectly fine; Donating as stated above is completely optional. Also stated above, there's other ways to help if you so choose.

:bulletblue: May I take an excerpt from your journal and/or use some of your deviations and post it on mine?
:bulletyellow: Of course! Just give me a lnk so that I may see!

:bulletblue: You should check into the VA.
:bulletyellow: We're doing that, but they're dragging their heels. >.<

:bulletblue: If your family is a church going family, you should check into what they can do for you!
:bulletyellow: We're doing that. <3

:bulletblue: May I post your story somewhere other than DA?
:bulletyellow: Lemme see where first. <3

:bulletblue: Would you mind if I made a tribute to your father ie Poems, Artwork, etc?
:bulletyellow: Of course not! Just lemme see it when it's done!

:bulletblue: People die everyday and we're all having money issues; you're just trying to feed me a sob story to earn pity cash.
:bulletyellow: Yes, I have had this statement made before. To answer this, no and thats very harsh to say such a thing. Every little bit goes to help my family, not towards anything else. My family comes first. Why do you think I'm selling prints? It's cause I dont feel right just asking for money. I'd rather earn t like everyone else.

:bulletblue: How come you are not doing commissions if you don't mind me asking? If you can try and get some time aside it could really help your family.
:bulletyellow: To answer your question, there's no such thing as 'free time' right now. =( My mom and I are running around like beheaded chickens. I'm helping her sort and clean out old medience that my dad used, paperowrk, clothes, etc. On top of that, I'm job hunting cause we really need income right now. I wish I could but I cant. However, someone did suggest me asking someone to do commissions for me but I dunno much about the commission world so I'm not sure how'd that work.

:bulletblue: I'm so sorry for your loss.
:bulletyellow: Thank you for your concern and kindness.

:bulletblue: Did they [hospital staff] really make your mom do that based on her sleep cycle?
:bulletyellow: Indeed.

:bulletblue: That is just wrong. If you think about it, it is inhumane really, if your dad really had a chance, and they made your mom do that based on her sleep cycle. It's not fair at all. Did your mom talk to a lawyer or anything like that about all this?
:bulletyellow: She has been told if she sues the VA, she WILL lose the benifits given to her. She has also been told the VA admiotted that it WAS their fault that my dad's health declined. [But, they didnt admit it directly to her, but dad's parents] So, damned if she do and damned if she dont.






The blank bullets shall remain up for the time being just in case more questions and/or statements appear.

UPDATE: JULY 19, 2010

I wont say much because of safety procautions, but a miracle check came in today and it was enough to cover the expenses we "owed" the VA. Now, my mother can apply for Survivior's Benifits. With me, I might have found a job, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet. I'll have to see.


The Hospitial is nothing but a lying sack of crap. They told us dad died from Seizures. NOT SO!! He died from an Anoxic Brain Injury (Lack of oxygen to the brain. If you're without it for more than  minutes, you'll suffer irreverable brain damage) and ASCD AKA Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (Click here for info:…

The dumb basturds! UGH!!! We did find out that it was Service Connected, meaning the Millitary caused his health to fuck up. If that wasnt bad enough, as of July 28, 2010, mom's powerchair fell off its' lift and now the thing wont even cut on. It's not even a year old. The shock must have done something to it. We also found out we will not be with ANY income for 6+ months. I'm trying to find a job in the meantime, but it's not looking well. I wish I knew what to do...


Lets see...the powerchair was fixed. A loose battery was all, like I said to my mom. I have another talent and it's electronics. I would have fixed it myself, but thing is I didnt know I'd have to take off the seat to fix it. I just left it be, let the pros handle it. I'm still job hunting and I ut in a couple apps. I also looked into a couple of Unis that offer Photography. They offer a BFA but not a major in Photography which sucks. However, I did find a 10 month tech school up in Mass (I'm in MS >.>). I think I might go for my BFA then go to the tech school. The more edu I have the better I suppose.

Two of my friends are now married, one prego and the other woth a one year old. Geez, where does time go? I managed to get in contact with a dear friend, one whose in the militart (Army) thus very hard to reach. I missed hearing his voice. I was so happy to hear from him.


Still looking for a job. I might move these updates and FAQS to a new journal to keep everything neat, havent decided. I got in touch recently with a friend who says her fiance is the manager at a pizza place, says she might be able to help me get a job. It's better than nothing. I'm so worried wheither or not we'll be able to keep out home, car, etc. I've bnever been so scared in my life. I wish I knew what to do but I dont.

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rosecourt Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
the hospital could of transfered him to a different room if they needed the room and he could of survived if they just were patient. Anyways I am creating a paypal account and want to donate but im kinda not sure how properly
MewtwosLittleOne Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
*hugs* Thank you for your kind words. Donating is optional, but if you wish to, there's tuts on DA.
rosecourt Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Your very welcome and I might donate in the future when I'm able to because I want to :)
CinnamonDreamy Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Student Writer
I cried really hard after reading the second paragraph of your journal :saddummy:
I will not say that I understand your feelings so do not worry.
I give you my fullest support :hug:
GLoabalGOthian Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011
I will not give you money, however a hug is in order. Take whatever time you need. Crying always helps to get everything out so don't hold back.
MewtwosLittleOne Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
*hugs* Money is completely optional. Your words are worth more.
GLoabalGOthian Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
I know how you feel I am going through a similar situation. Right now we both need to hear things are going to be okay. Just try your best to get through the situation maybe you won't be able to be online for awhile, but you're not the only one who is going through a hard time.
MewtwosLittleOne Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I didnt say I was the only one having a bad time
GLoabalGOthian Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
No it just makes me feel better to remind myself of that.
MewtwosLittleOne Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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