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Hey guys, I'm not on here much anymore. I rarely draw now. I'm focusing on photography.

:iconravensreflection: <---- photography

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Some people REALLY astound me with their stupidity level. I dont mean to be rude, it's just eople like this just drive me crazy. Lemme explain: before my late grandpa died, my mom only saw him twice. One before he was sent off to the nursing home and once after. When she saw him at the nursing home, he didn't even recognize her. He asked her, "May I help you?"

Ok ok, I jumped too far ahead. ><

Backtracking even further, before all this happened, my grandpa had surgery to to clean out his only working artery, mind you it wasnt working at full strength; I think it was 70% clogged. He ate too much grease over the years and it finally caught up to him.  So they went in to remove it and somehow, the docs fucked up and the stuff went to his brain and caused a stroke. The affer effects? He was a stuttering mess, paralyzed on his left side too. He couldnt swallow so they put a feeding tube in him. But get this, they wanted him to practice SWALLOWING EXERCISES! What a contradiction, no?

I've been a hospital volunteer before, plus I have had more than my share of hospital trips thanks to my family's health issues. You pick up a few thing when you've been enough times.  What I didnt learn from the trips, I researched. So, I offered suggestions to my grandma to help grandpa get back on his feet. Her answer was always, "The therapists said this or that." Translation: "You're not a licensed nurse/doctor/etc so you dunno shit."  >.>

Fast forwarding to after his death, my mom's family hasnt stopped bitching about how she didnt go to his funeral. She has been sick for the past 3 months with no signs of getting better.  Her family is made up of many assholes. >.> Before he died, her sister had the balls to call and leave the following message on our answering machine: "If you love your dad, you'll come to see him before he passes away. He's waiting to see you one last time." - Seriously? I'm pretty sure I've heard that cheesy line in some movie or fanfic...or both.

But nothing pisses me off more than someone who isnt even apart of our family. He's my uncle's wife's father. He didnt have the balls to pick up the phone and bitch, even better, say it to our faces; no, the jackass bitched over FACEBOOK in a private message.

Wanna see?

"This is hard. I know I'm not a part of the family. But I do know a lot about values.

You should be terribly ashamed of yourself. Your behavior during the illness and death of your own father was deplorable. He was one of the most loving, honest, gentle, generous man I have ever known. A true man of God. And you virtually ignored him and your mother during the entire time of their most profound need. Absolutely no excuse short of your own death or hospitalization for you to miss his funeral.

Family loves one another. Family comes together. Family cries together.

You are both mother and father now to Amanda. I observe you being a terrible example to her.

No need to respond. Just get over yourself; it's not always about you. I do pray that God will touch you and your life with the type of love that He has for you, that you would and should share."

I'm pretty sure all of you would agree, no one talks shit about your own mother and gets away with it.

Challenge accepted, Bitch. D:
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One Of The Most SHOCKING days EVER!!!!

Journal Entry: Wed May 11, 2011, 12:27 AM
I have no idea how or why the fates have chosen to smile on me, but I suppose they had their own mind or whatever. xD

Before I begin, lemme remind you all, if any of you wish to read about my dad, you'll find info in the previous journals.

Now, onwaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrd!!! XD

Well, it all started April 23, 2011...

I didnt have plans to do much that day, save for a hair appt at my favorite mall. So I went and got it done then walked around the mall for a good 4-6 hours with 5 pound weights on each leg. [I have to do weight training, otherwise I will lose the ability to walk] Anyway, I was nearly finished with my daily exercise when someone caught my attention. It was a representive for  John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center; it's a training school.

They asked if I wanted to enter for a free photo shoot. I figured it was like winning the lottery... I had better chances of being struck by lightning. Sad, but true. I signed up for the contest, went home and researched them a bit then let the matter drop. It's not any modeling agency would want MY face, right? Least, those were my thoughts.

Well, my bubble was busted wide open May 9 when one of the representives called me and requested me to come in the very next day for an interview after asking some questions. Soon as I got off the phone, I FBed it! Like who wouldn't!?! [No, my faithful followers, you're NOT get my FB addy. :P]  After that was complete, I google'd everything I could about modeling interviews and the like, found out they were only 20 minutes long [HA! Mine was 3 hours and some minutes long] and others things. Next, I went through my closest like a girl who cant pick out what to wear before she heads out for a date. xD


Well, since it's exam week, I went to college and took one of them. Went for sushi afterwards then went to the modeling school. My mother dropped me off then disappeared to another store [which I'd regret later] while I spoke to the interviewer. I started filling out what was to be a mountain of paparwork while she asked me about various topics.

Now we come to the regretful part...

I didnt know certain answers and my mother did, so I asked to be excused to go looking for her, IN 3 INCH HEELS MIND YOU, next door. I searched the entire store, even had her paged; she wasnt there. So, I went back and cont'd the paperwork best I could. They were going to book me for another time because they're big on family support and such. At the point, I'm like 'mother, PLEASE show up' and she did a few minutes later. The interview was back on, thank god.

More paperwork, more questions tthen finally I walked the runway like we see in the fashion shows and america's next top model. More talking, then interviewer left to get consent, from the Director, to accept me. She came back and...

I WAS ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most amazing part is they only had TWO SPOTS LEFT!!!

Think about it, peeps, the representive told me they helped start the careers of Tyra Banks, Beyonce, and many others.

Then later on, my mom and I went to see a Celtic Woman Concert!

I'm now an actress and model in training!!!! Any tips and advice is welcomed!

This dA page is currently under major construction, so please watch me @ my professional page: :iconravensreflection: [SLOWLY adding more as ime allows]


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A Summer Nightmare

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 19, 2010, 12:15 PM
He passed away July 5, 2010 of natural causes..(Seizures) his sleep....

In reality, the Hospital Staff forced my mother to pull the plug. If she didnt, they would had her declared mentally incompetent because she refused to pull the plug and hadnt slept for 48 hours. The Hospitial needed the room and they had already given up on Dad. She had just arrived at the Hospital and they didnt give her any time with him! But here's the interesting part, my dad woke up having heard my mother's distressful cries and wrote a letter before he passed; it took him 15 minutes to die without the machines helping him. If he woke up once, he could have done it again, but no, they just had mother do the hardest task in the world without a second thought. The bastards, no the murderers!

He was 49, retired Air Force...

1960 - 2010

Please dont say I know how you feel... I've heard it enough.....

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If you're going to add me to MSN Messenager, do us both a favor and PLEASE tell me who you are, Otherwise, I'll assume you're up to no good and WILL block you.

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I am selling DA prints to raise money. Dad's passing has caused a financial problem for my family. Please help us in our time of need.

I cannot and will not do commissions because of lack of time. All I can do is sell prints and pray to the heavens above something good happens...

If you want too read how it all began, go here:…

Please spread the word about this tradgic event, help to raise Awareness. <3 If you cannot donate money, pints, advice, etc...then please spread awareness. You can still help. <3

Everlasting Smile by MewtwosLittleOne  Masculine Gentleness by MewtwosLittleOne

SO To sum it up!

There's a few ways to help, but the top two are the most important.

:bulletyellow: Spreading awareness about my cause by featuring me in some form or fashion - you may use my dad's photos, just tell me first.

:bulletyellow: Donating via PayPal, using the gift option and/or buying a print or two. Only send and/or buy what you can afford; we all know we're not rich.

:bulletyellow: Donating points so that I may continue having a PM that'll enable me to continue to use the various features to keep spreading awareness about my dad.

:bulletyellow: Kind words, prayer requests, suggestions, ideas, etc.

Thank you in Advance!

And, thats not even the half of it!

Get this! My dad used to recieve checks from the VA because he was both disabled and he Served. Because my dad died early in the month, they want US to pay them back. Because he didnt live the full months, they want their money back. That is over $2,000 USD!!! We have NO INCOME for the time being! My mom cannot work because of her health and because my country's economy is poor, I cannot find a job to help out my mother. =(

My mom is shown here: Happy 25th Anniverssary by MewtwosLittleOne

She has severe COPD and has trouble walking because of a medical issue, both put her out of the running for finding a job. Mom's ability to walk is declining, increasing the chances of her being placed in a wheelchair. There's also a high chance she'll be given a Service Dog for her Asthma  (Yeah, I didnt know dogs could be trained to sense that either) because she sometimes doesnt know when she's going to have an attack. She also has problems seeing, because of cataracts. Recently, she was asked to sign some paperwork and she could not see the print. She thought the paper was blank!!! If she doesnt recieve corrective surgery, I might have a blind mother to take care of.

I'm not doing too well either; I'm probably not going to be able to finish college (because of lack of funds) nor get any job (because of my own medical issues). I have a MILD case of Cerebral Palsy [Brain Damage which affects movement; in my case, it's my hands, stomach, and legs] and Scoliosis [a curved spine]. It hurts to walk or even stand for long periods, my hands cramp up easily like right now it's painful to type, I cant balence without wearing a backpack purse....

Gah, I feel old! >.>

My doctor says my CP is progressing... meaning I might be placed in a wheelchair, that alone would limit my choice of careers! I wanna be a photographer, see the world and the beauty it has to offer. But I cannot do anything if something doesnt happen for the better...

Hell, even the family cat [shown here with my dad: I Shall Get You by MewtwosLittleOne ]  has medical issues!!! She's on a special prescription diet because she's allegic [Yes, I have a cat with food allergies] to the store brands and she's on stool softener. Those two items are expensive and I want to keep my family together as a whole; I would dread having to give her up... I lost mt dad; I dont need to lose her too.....

My family is in need of countless miracles; we're not even sure if we'll be able to keep our house....

PayPal Deviations

I even looked through DA for those who arent familier with the site!!

How to send money using PAYPAL by etuix  Send money via PayPal-EXTENDED by Noiry  .:PayPal Account Tutorial:. by mystelic  Warning- PayPal by Emanaia  Subscribe without CreditCard by JoyceKimberly

For the record, my mother and I are trying to seek aid in real life, the offices are just dragging their heels. >.>

FAQS (More like frequently used statements)


:bulletblue: = Question/Statement
:bulletyellow: = Answer

:bulletblue: In what ways can I help?
:bulletyellow: Refer to the points made above.

:bulletblue: My currency is different from yours, I cant help you.
:bulletyellow: If you REALLY want to, then yes you could donate via paypal. Paypal allows me to convert your currency into mine without any trouble.

:bulletblue: You should seek financial help in real life, not via internet where if you actually really do have money problems, they won't get solved by asking people on an art site for money.
:bulletyellow: I'm doing both. Donating is optional. I do not even mind if a kind word is said. If kind souls wish to help, then it is solely his or her choice alone.

:bulletblue: I'm low on funds myself; I cannot help you.
:bulletyellow: You can if you so choose by featuring me and/or spreading the word about my cause.

:bulletblue: I dont have paypal and/or I'm under 18, therefore I cannot help you.
:bulletyellow: Thats perfectly fine; Donating as stated above is completely optional. Also stated above, there's other ways to help if you so choose.

:bulletblue: May I take an excerpt from your journal and/or use some of your deviations and post it on mine?
:bulletyellow: Of course! Just give me a lnk so that I may see!

:bulletblue: You should check into the VA.
:bulletyellow: We're doing that, but they're dragging their heels. >.<

:bulletblue: If your family is a church going family, you should check into what they can do for you!
:bulletyellow: We're doing that. <3

:bulletblue: May I post your story somewhere other than DA?
:bulletyellow: Lemme see where first. <3

:bulletblue: Would you mind if I made a tribute to your father ie Poems, Artwork, etc?
:bulletyellow: Of course not! Just lemme see it when it's done!

:bulletblue: People die everyday and we're all having money issues; you're just trying to feed me a sob story to earn pity cash.
:bulletyellow: Yes, I have had this statement made before. To answer this, no and thats very harsh to say such a thing. Every little bit goes to help my family, not towards anything else. My family comes first. Why do you think I'm selling prints? It's cause I dont feel right just asking for money. I'd rather earn t like everyone else.

:bulletblue: How come you are not doing commissions if you don't mind me asking? If you can try and get some time aside it could really help your family.
:bulletyellow: To answer your question, there's no such thing as 'free time' right now. =( My mom and I are running around like beheaded chickens. I'm helping her sort and clean out old medience that my dad used, paperowrk, clothes, etc. On top of that, I'm job hunting cause we really need income right now. I wish I could but I cant. However, someone did suggest me asking someone to do commissions for me but I dunno much about the commission world so I'm not sure how'd that work.

:bulletblue: I'm so sorry for your loss.
:bulletyellow: Thank you for your concern and kindness.

:bulletblue: Did they [hospital staff] really make your mom do that based on her sleep cycle?
:bulletyellow: Indeed.

:bulletblue: That is just wrong. If you think about it, it is inhumane really, if your dad really had a chance, and they made your mom do that based on her sleep cycle. It's not fair at all. Did your mom talk to a lawyer or anything like that about all this?
:bulletyellow: She has been told if she sues the VA, she WILL lose the benifits given to her. She has also been told the VA admiotted that it WAS their fault that my dad's health declined. [But, they didnt admit it directly to her, but dad's parents] So, damned if she do and damned if she dont.






The blank bullets shall remain up for the time being just in case more questions and/or statements appear.

UPDATE: JULY 19, 2010

I wont say much because of safety procautions, but a miracle check came in today and it was enough to cover the expenses we "owed" the VA. Now, my mother can apply for Survivior's Benifits. With me, I might have found a job, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet. I'll have to see.


The Hospitial is nothing but a lying sack of crap. They told us dad died from Seizures. NOT SO!! He died from an Anoxic Brain Injury (Lack of oxygen to the brain. If you're without it for more than  minutes, you'll suffer irreverable brain damage) and ASCD AKA Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (Click here for info:…

The dumb basturds! UGH!!! We did find out that it was Service Connected, meaning the Millitary caused his health to fuck up. If that wasnt bad enough, as of July 28, 2010, mom's powerchair fell off its' lift and now the thing wont even cut on. It's not even a year old. The shock must have done something to it. We also found out we will not be with ANY income for 6+ months. I'm trying to find a job in the meantime, but it's not looking well. I wish I knew what to do...


Lets see...the powerchair was fixed. A loose battery was all, like I said to my mom. I have another talent and it's electronics. I would have fixed it myself, but thing is I didnt know I'd have to take off the seat to fix it. I just left it be, let the pros handle it. I'm still job hunting and I ut in a couple apps. I also looked into a couple of Unis that offer Photography. They offer a BFA but not a major in Photography which sucks. However, I did find a 10 month tech school up in Mass (I'm in MS >.>). I think I might go for my BFA then go to the tech school. The more edu I have the better I suppose.

Two of my friends are now married, one prego and the other woth a one year old. Geez, where does time go? I managed to get in contact with a dear friend, one whose in the militart (Army) thus very hard to reach. I missed hearing his voice. I was so happy to hear from him.


Still looking for a job. I might move these updates and FAQS to a new journal to keep everything neat, havent decided. I got in touch recently with a friend who says her fiance is the manager at a pizza place, says she might be able to help me get a job. It's better than nothing. I'm so worried wheither or not we'll be able to keep out home, car, etc. I've bnever been so scared in my life. I wish I knew what to do but I dont.

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I lost my dad July 5th and now, my family is in deperate need of money to pay for food and various other bills. I'm still in considerate shock, looking back at how he was fine 2 weeks before. He was in poor health, yet he still managed to support my mother and I; he was an excellant chef. Here he is...with our family cat, Blue.

Masculine Gentleness by MewtwosLittleOne

We didnt have much, but we had each other and that was enough for us. Because of his health, we didnt go out very much but when we did, it was full of energy.

My dad was in the US Air Force, an inventory speacialist; that meant he dealt with everything from shampoo to dangerous supplies.

I wont give you all his life history, just know my family is in need of money during this tough time.

Happy 25th Anniverssary by MewtwosLittleOne

If you can, Please donate.

I'm selling prints as well.

You may find everything you need to know by following this link:…


Journal Entry: Sat Jul 3, 2010, 6:01 PM
June 28, 2010; 5:30pm...

I usually do not write about my problems on DeviantArt, only in private to close friends. But right now, I don’t care. *Sigh sadly* If this looks like I'm seeking attention, then you're mistaken; I need support that’s all.

IT started this evening... I was in my room relaxing when our internet played up. So my mom and I just shut down the computers to give it a rest. It wasnt long after that we both heard a loud BOOM!! Usually when this happens in my household, it means either my dad has fallen, dropped something or both… My mom and I rushed into my parents’ bedroom to see what had happened. He had fallen again, only this time, he was not breathing….

He had hit his head HARD against a wooden bookcase and we both shouted to him, trying to wake him. It didn’t work. He was sweating too so mom ordered me to get a washcloth to cool him. I told my mom we had to move him, recalling the training I had received in Army J.R.O.T.C [look it up], but that was easier said than done; he is a full grown man who weighs 185lbs (13.2 Stone). Two women, both with health issues, began to move him. I had to get into the corner where his head once was. After great difficultly, we had moved him into a sitting position, using myself as a prop. While all this was happening, mom wasn’t in the best mindset and I didn’t blame her so as much as I was panicking, I had to be the rational mind and take charge. T.T

I told my mom again, we had to move him unto his back. We both had to take a breather first. While doing this, I called 911 and we followed the operator’s instructions. He was cold, pale, his eyes were glassy…. I remembered CPR but I didn’t know how to do it thoroughly… so I only did the compressions while my mom got him on his oxygen.  Both the ambulance and fire truck soon arrived; the medics went straight to work. Only problem was, they couldn’t find his ID which he kept on his person AT ALL TIMES! During all of this, my legs were turning into lead but I didn’t care nor do I now. To be on the safe side, my mom and I searched the house practically trashing the bedroom. I myself even gathered a few neighborhood kids to help find it. We didn’t find it, so my mom thanked the kids and sent them home.

We both didn’t waste a second more heading to the hospital and when we got there, the medics had found his ID. A nurse called us over and took us to one of those rooms we always see in TV shows and movies; the room that the either or both nurse and doctor say the prognosis doesn’t look good. All the while, I’m hearing on and off ”CODE BLUE!!!” I’m like WTF?! That’s the LAST thing I need to hear at a time like this! As I suspected, both nurse and doctor told us it didn’t look good for my dad….. He had completely stopped breathing before he had arrived there and had been oxygen deprived for awhile before mom and I found him. The top half of his heart wasn’t working and his bottom half wasn’t doing well either… It took the medics a half hour to get him stable….

Mom decided she wanted to go to the Chapel, being a religious person that she is; I stayed with her for awhile before I went to get some food. We both hadn’t eaten all day. Church members showed up one or two at a time, offering prayers and support. I stayed for awhile again before disappearing; mom didn’t know I had done to the gift shop to pick up a few items, a Scooby Doo plushy cause that’s his fave cartoon, a get well balloon, and a wind chime since he loves them. I went back to mom and all of us hanged out at the chapel for awhile before a nurse came in to gather info on my dad. Once she did, she left and we waited some more, the church members doing their best to keep us in good spirits.

Finally, after waiting for god knows how long, we were called back there. When I saw him hooked up to all those machines, it took me back to the first time I saw him in the ICU… We spent a lot of time there, I asking questions about what did this and that machine do same with his meds. One of the medics came in to check on him and we thanked him for helping my dad. He informed us that when the paramedics got there, my dad was DEAD…. They revived him. That will forever be burned into my memory, my dad the one who was “passed out” and both my mom and I moving him… I was moving a dead body…. That hit home, I nearly broke down right then… it made me realize how close I was to losing him…

We waited even longer for a room, since the ICU unit was full. When he finally had a room, we were told to wait AGAIN in the ICU waiting room. It wasn’t until after midnight we were called back. When we got back there, I did not like what I saw; my dad was shaking, close to jumping like a fish. They informed us he was having seizures, something he hadn’t had for many years and now, they’re back. I know seizures affect the brain and can cause permanent damage to the brain. I don’t want that for him…. I want my dad back….. I want him breathing on his own……

So now you know why I won’t be so focused on artwork right now…. I need the support of those who care to keep myself together… please keep him in your prayers for those of you that do believe and for those who do not, please keep him in your thoughts…

My Dad by MewtwosLittleOne


June 30, 2010
Start Time: 10:09pm

Excuse the typos…

It's gone from bad to worse....

We got a call eariler this afternoon from the hospital, I hated the news. My dad has suffered sufficient brain damage as a result of being oxygen deprived for so long coupled that with seizures he had been having. We went to the hospitial and spent more time with him, mom calling friends and family so they too could see him. Some of them there, I hadn’t seen for many years. Later on, we were called back to the consultation room and the neurologist didn’t sugar coat anything. He told us about the oxygen deprived brain, how it can go safely without oxygen for under 10 minutes only; his brain went without oxygen for an half hour….

He then told us his brain wasn’t showing much activity; it didn’t show any today…. He informed us that he was going to perform 3 tests on my dad, testing both his oxygen and his brainwaves. One of the tests would see if he could breathe on his own, another seeing if his blood was flowing to his brain; the third a CAT scan.

If he fails, all three, they are going to pull the plug


If he passes them, they want to place both a feeding tube and a trache in him THEN THEY WANT TO SHIP HIM OFF TO A NURSING HOME FOR LIFE!!!!

I’m past terrorifed for my dad. Another reason would be he’s the MAIN SOURCE of income in my house. How are we going to do anything without him? I miss him, his voice, even his rants he would have about computers…

Always, please keep him in your prayers… my family has cried many oceans… we want our loved one back..


August 2, 2010
Start Time: 10:01pm

I cant give much of an update since I wasnt at the hospitial today; I was soooooo drained that I slept for HOURS! D:  My mom had to update me. They took him off of the blood pressure meds because his went back to nom. (YAY!!!) Dad's limbs swelled because *ahem* his blody wasnt cleaning itself out. I think thats the most polite way of putting it. ^^; They're giving him fluids to help with that. He's biting his lip and tongue...some say thats good and others say oherwise... He also has swelling in his brain... =(


I think I need to back it up just a tad....

Dad doesnt want a feeding tube and that other thing; they are already writting him off as a Veggie. I lost faith in hope awhile, but I now have to hope that he'll be able to do things on his own when he does wake up. They think because of the brain injuries he suffered, he wont be able to do anything and he'll remained on the breathing machines and other stuff.

Rught now, they are keeping him sedated to keep the violent seizures from occuring but it can only do so much. He's still having them; but to a mild degree. I'm worried beyond belief. He passed his tests for now, but they think he still has the possiblity of progressing into Brain Death.

If something does happen to him, for the worse, my mother and I would not be homeless; rather, we'd be moving in with some relatives and the majority of our belongings would be moved into storage. Our cat, Blue, we havent heard what would happen to her yet. I would hate to give her up; I believe she was a gift from my now deceased great grandmother. Before we moved house, we have really pain in the butt landlords. They didnt allow pets. My great grandmother told me she'd do whatever she could to get me a pet. Soon after my great grandmother died, we found Blue as a half-starved, stray kitten. See what I'm getting at? My dad adores Blue and visa versa... She's still looking around the house for him, meowing like crazy... If the worst does happen, I'll have to call up a relative who also adores Blue to take her in... I know this journal/blog is focused on my dad, but some have been asking about mom and me.

Well, thats all I can give you guys for now. Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Also, because of a kind soul's suggestion, I will now be accepting donations via PayPal. Send me a mail/note to help me out...

I am not taking commissions because I do not have the time with all the running about I have to do. I am, however, selling PRINTS and taking donations as well as tips, suggestions, etc...


August 3, 2010
Start time: 7:20pm

This might be the final entry I write about my my dad.... I'm so upset....and scared...

It's not good at all...

Dad's brain has swelled...his kidneys are shutting down....and in the state he's in, he cant recieve transplants; he's on kidney die-al-la-sis (cannot spell it).

I think I'm going to lose him.....if he doesnt caugh, twitch, DO SOMETHING ON HIS OWN!! HE HAS TO DO SOMETHING BY WEDS OTHERWISE THEY WILL PULL THE PLUG!!!

My mom and I will lose our house, Blue, our everything....

We have until this weds before the final decision is made. mom and I are scared for our lives...


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The Artist

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 20, 2010, 6:07 PM
Welcome. I'm bored out of my mind and have decided to FINALLY work on thia long ass journal I've been trying to put together in my brain. Read this only if you have alot of time on your hands because it aint gunna be short. XD Okies, lets get started.

For those of you who are visiting my page, please ONLY positive energy is allowed on my page so:

No flames and so forth. :P

If you can speak English well, then please avoid text talk. For those of you who cannot speak English well, then do your best. I'll understand.

Me, Myself, And I

Well, like it says on my page, I'm from the US of A. Now, despite popular belief, not all Americans are fat. I should now; I weigh less than 120 pounds. XD Mmm, I've graduated from High School (Some of you might call it Secondary School) and now, I'm currectly enrolled in a two tear college and am getting getting my core classes out of the way so I may focus on my major [Photography] when I transfer to Uni. In the meantime, I draw, watch tv, take photos for photography, play video games, and occasionally try to find a job.

I'm a Anti Hunter and againist the fur trade. Animal Cruelty is one of the top three crimes that shouldnt even exist. The other two are Murder and Rape. Hunters, I have nothing againist you as a person so please dont come on my page and start something. ^^;

Mmmm, what should I talk about next?


Shout Outs to my besties! [Close Friends for those who cannot speak English well yet]


Shadow: I know, werid nickname but yeah. XD But anyways, he's like the best guy I know. One of the VERY few men in my life that actually make my life worth living. He's always there to lend an ear and is very understanding. He helps me through my problems with his words and actions. He doesnt know half of the things he's done for me. XD I'm his stalkah! (In a good way of cource). XD

Panda-neechan: (:iconpandag:)  Shy and timid, but a great friend and artist. She only needs to believe in herself and stop listening to negative thoughts of others. She's very sweet. I'd huggle her to death if I could.

Rika: (:iconrika-katana:)  One of the best artists on here along with :iconwildwolfspirit:, :icondarknatasha:, :iconsimbagirl101:,  and :iconstarcanis: !!!! She's a good friend and is very fun to be around. I've never met her in person but she has a good heart. Check her out!

Cassy: (:iconpurple-frenchyness:)  I swear, this Frenchy will be forever lovable. We can talk for hours. We make each other laugh. XD We're very rfandom when we're together. I remember one time I accused her of being a bad mother to her cell phone because she misplaces it often. XD Know what? She agreed. :P  A wonderful artist and a true friend, she's one of the best.

Puppy: (:icontzu-the-hybrid:)  Yuppers, thats right! The guy was talking about here: :thumb152730784: I changed my mind. :P XD He's my puppy, so lovable most od the time but then again, who doesnt have a bad day? I'm his owner! (Inside Joke mind you) We fight and bicker just like siblings, then a friend has to come along to break us up. :laughing: He's a sweet person. <3

STOP BSL!!!!!!!!!!


I love these!!!

White Peacock 01 by MapleRose-stock  :thumb153143778:  The Battle by In-The-Distance  :thumb97104940:  Digimon Games Collection No.1 by Constrictorz  Baby Kimba 5 by Sanae78  Say AHHH by HecklingHyena  Hummingbird Up Close by pantherwitch4982  a bright new day by mohdfikree  :thumb125653393:  Red, You're The Only One by tso2me  :thumb136037873:  Kiba the alpha by J-C  A mothers love by wolfdancer135  kitty 8 by couvrir-noyer  Slup by EleaLaFleur  :thumb154051992:  Butterfly Vortex by Silverwind3D  Smudge and  Fudge Cuddles by Kazytc  :thumb154503224:  :thumb86045530:  Black is only a color by Aurion-Magnus  The Year of the Tiger by WeijiC  :thumb153353782:  Dreaming by dollist  :::while you were sleeping::: by ElbsFootsteps  A shining new era by Ari-chaan  i love being colorful by mohdfikree  :thumb107993421:  Curiosity by kaitengiri  Riding Pegasus by YuniNaoki  Princess Chibiusa Crayon by YuniNaoki  Lady Chibiusa 3 by YuniNaoki    Moon Stick by KinnoHitsuji  Small Lady by SaturnDawn  ugly for a reason by Lady-Twiglet  :Rainbows and Stars: by Asher-Bee  Skydancer by VivianTheHedgehog10    kittens by ThruEmilysEyesPhotos  A Dream by Puppy-Chow  Kailani Koa by loveforRuka  Pacific Portrait by loveforRuka  Blue, beauty by lifaya  :thumb150553393:  :thumb158215837:  Bella x Jacob - Eclipse by lenity

Proud user of the phrase, "That's So Gay." Why? Cause where I'm from, it doesnt refer to ANYTHING involving the GBLT in a negative fashion. It's not an insult and is used in everyday speech. The term Gay has been used for several different reasons and this is only one of them. If you dont agree, kindly keep your thoughts to yourself. Please and thank you. <3


(Shall write more later) :sleep:

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I'm too busy to update my journal. I shall when I have more time.
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People think that the Graduation Ceremony is a happy time and alot of times it is, but not always. Take mine for instance. It all started when I first woke up on the morning. My parents kept telling me to wash my hair and get dressed for a brunch they were allowing me to go to over at a friend's house. I was too tired to know what I was supposed to do at that time. >.> I tried to go back to sleep, but the TV was so loud that I couldnt. T.T

I finally got up and did everything I was supposed to do and my dad drived me over to my friend's and dropped me off. I was greeted by two friends and the host's parents and their corgi, Bailey. The dog licked my toes, so that part wasnt bad. My friends and I talked to each other and to the host's relatives. The grandad has a memory problem, so I had to repeat myself constantly; lucky for me that I have experience in this area. I overlooked it. It wasnt his fault anyway. ^^

My dad picked me up at noon and I went home change into my dress and cap and gown. Included with some other assessories was a black callar like choker, it meant alot to me to wear it. I treasured it like no other. I wore it to my Graduation Ceremony.

Before the Graduation Ceremony even began, we were herded into a large room for inpection. We had to stand in that room for god knows how long. >.> I kept myself busy by talking to my friends. We all cheered when it was time to leave the room; we were sick of being in it. >.>

We formed two lines and proceeded to go where we had be instructed to go during Practice. We had to stand in line for for what seemed to be a long while. When the music started to play, a few of us joked about it being the Star Wars Theme; I wish it had been. T_T >.>

We were on the move once more, we stepped down the long staircase and proceeded to our seats. Various people spoke and the choir sang a version of 'Go The Distance' from the  disney movie Hercules; they rearranged a few of the lyrics.

There was a huge crowd tthere with people cheering, screaming, and blowing air-horns. It was completing embarrassing and it made the adults look like children. Speaking of which, there was plenty of them as well there. They should have been at a babysitter's or a day-care. >.>

All was fine (well almost ok) up until it was time to stand up to throw our caps, Before then, I had tak off my choker before I was feeling sick. The place where the Graduation Ceremony was being held was humid and there was no way I could get up to get some water; I was tired too and had to keep myself from dozing off. I threw my cap into the air, but not as high as the others. I had alot of things in my right hand and I kept dropping them.

When we went behind the stage to turn in our gowns, I had everything, including my choker, in my right hand. Once I recieved mty dopolma, I proceeded to head out to the room where we were first herded into while speaking with a friend. I still had my choker too.

Once both my friend and I were back in the large room, we both looked for our parents and relatives. I followed him for abit, figuring it couldnt hurt. It wasnt long before we both found who we were looking for. I went over to my parents and gave my mom my stuff since my grandma wanted to take some pictures. I hugged my dad before hand and I STILL had my choker.

After taking pictures of both my friends and me, something told me to check and see if my choker was still there. It wasnt. I searched the entire room and the area which the Graduation Ceremony had taken place. I was VERY upset that I couldnt find it. I asked a few members of the Staff to help me find it. I cant do anything more until they call me, if they do. I'm supposed to call the Box Office to find out if they have it in the Lost and Found.

I'm so upset right now that I've gone mute and I'm not eating as much as I should. That choker means the world to me and I cant thing of what I would do without it. It doesnt have much value money wise, but it has plenty of sentimental value. I just want it back in my hands, safe and sound.
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I've only just realized recently how much artwork I've done and I can tell appears as if I have caught a sickness which makes an artist draw non-stop. xDDD  

Upon that note, I'd like to say I've been experienmenting with various art styles which I've learned from in various ways. Hence why some of my artwork may or may not have the same style as the others in my Gallery. xD (If that makes any sense. xD)I love trying out new ways to improve...though it would also depend on how my mouse behaves. XD

Lets see, I'm mainly an Anime Artist, but lately I have branched out and started to draw animals, plants, landscapes, scenery, etc.

Mmmmm, some of the anime I draw are FMA, Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Digimon, Pucca, and Sailor Moon just to name a few.

I have also started to draw my Roleplay Characters and well as random anime people. xD


The Pon and Zi artwork are fun to draw and I also drawing Disney Characters though they are srtill W.I.P. ^^

I'm the type of Artist who uplaods a bunch of art at once. xDD I dont know why, but I decided to handle it that way.

I also havee a habit of finding old photography on my computer and uplaoding it for all to see. I wish to be a nature photographer one day and this is a way of showing what I can do. If being a photographer doesnt work out, I think I might be an animal trainer.

I hope you all enjoy my art and thank you for listening/reading to my random thoughts.
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For my artwork, I use:

- Black gel pen (inking and sometimes coloring)

- Blue Gel Pen - coloring (sometimes)

- coloring pencils

- markers (for when the coloring pencils are not dark enough)

- mechanical pencil for the sketch (.07 lead only)

- highlighters (blue and yellow)

- Paint (sometimes for minor corrections)

- I now also use Paint for my Digitial artwork. ^^

- White out (rarely, example would be Black Cat's hair and fur.)
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Right now, what I'll be uploading is old artwork due to the fact I haven't had the time to draw any new ones and also because I have misplaced my artbook. T_T Well, I hope you enjoy them anyway. ^_^
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